Anime Expo 2017 Rekindled the Artists in Me

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Anime Expo 2017 Rekindled the Artists in Me

Hello Everyone :)

This year Anime Expo (AX) inspired me to start my arts again. Artist Alley was full of amazing artists and attendees! I did a couple of cosplays this year which where fun :) Day 1 I cosplayed Asuka from Evangelion and Day 2 I cosplayed Touka from Tokyo Ghoul. I wasn't able to attend Day 3 but I did attend Day 4 as a gender-bend Draco Malfoy. Unfortunately I didn't photograph my Draco cosplay. I started sketching again after the expo and even though it was packed, there was lots to see.

Day 1 - We honestly spent almost all day in line -_- This year AX was budded LineCon hahaha. I later found out that some people spent more than 5 hours in line for a badge and didn't get to see much of the con because they had one day passes. It has gotten extremely full and more people are needed as well as a bigger venue. We shall see what the future AX's bring. I spent three days working on both of our dresses and I was pleased with how they turned out. We spent the couple of hours we actually went into the con at the Entertainment Hall. They had lots of scenes for people to take photographs in and a full arcade as well as PC games. In there, we found a little gem called The Master Sword!! Unfortunately it was too full and we had to return another day to take photographs trying to pull it out. My boyfriend is a HUGE Zelda fan so we definitely went back. The motto of Day 1 was, "GET IN THE DAMN ROBOT SHINJI!"

Day 2 - Things went a lot smoother since we had our badges. We went a little more towards the afternoon on a mission to walk all of Artist Alley and the Exhibit Hall. They were so big!! I think they get bigger every year, which is a good thing, specially for Artist Alley. I wish I could of taken more photos of all of the great things we saw but we had almost no space. I did find an amazing poster by Bosmitze and I had to buy it. I had seen it last year but ran out of cash, so the year, I definitely bought it when I saw it. It was my first AX purchase this year :D If you would like to check out her amazing art, here is the link to her Eva 01 page: By the time we finished walking the Artist Alley and the Exhibit Hall we were super hungry and tired. We ventured into the real world for food and found some awesome food trucks in front of the expo. After food, we had tickets to see the Late Night Comedy Showdown and it was soooooo good! As always, really funny people performing. This year it was held outside of the Convention Center in the Novo theater near it. Tickets cost more but it was a good time. 

 Day 3 - I wasn't able to attend because of work T.T Being an adult can suck sometimes.

Day 4 - Fourth of July! It was a short day at the expo and I went to see if I could find some last minute finds from things I couldn't see the other days. I found a great Legend of Zelda print in Artist Alley which made me happy. Once I am done framing them, I'll post photos of my wall. Every year it gets a bit fuller and fuller. I like it that way.

That was my AX adventure for 2017 but it rekindled my love for art and goodies. 

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