Together, we can geek out and help causes

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Together, we can geek out and help causes

Sometime around 2012, I had the idea to start an online shop so I could fund my college education instead of getting student loans. That little idea evolved little by little into a passionate hobby that started to do so much more than just pay for college.

It all began with a Facebook page where I sold small accessories like bracelets and necklaces. Then, I started to make my own jewelry and as I dwelled more into my studies, I became very passionate about helping the environment and living sustainably. I realized that we have to do better and together we can make a difference. I later began to make keychains and pins with characters and themes of shows I liked to watch. That is, where we are now. I am a cosplayer, an avid environmentalist, and as of last December, a Cat Mom.

As I searched for my little one in shelters I realized that these places need a lot of help from the community. They are full of volunteers and compassionate people who try their best to care for these animals. Pups and cats need lots of care, food, and medicine. That is where I got the idea to begin donating to charities that help care for animals as well.

As of now, my shop and I have collectively donated over $1500 to environmental and animal charities. I would like to do much more than that. With my shop picking momentum lately, I am confident that this is a reality I can make happen. I am setting up to help some more causes and I hope that together, we will be able to help. Let us stand united in helping those poor puppies and kittens that don't have forever homes. Let us stand united and help raise awareness about our environment before it's too late; and let us stand together and help other causes in the future.

Enjoy wearing your pins, keychains, t-shirts and more, knowing that with that purchase, you not only get to have an awesome item you love, but you also helped a cause.

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